Is Ultracera® brand approved?

  • Yes, many popular hospitality brands have enthusiastically approved Ultracera®.

Is there a concern about ceramics chipping, polishing, and edges?

  • No, Ultracera® is not a true “ceramic”. It is not fired or glazed. The ultra-fine powder that gives the material its distinct advantage is modified from a raw material used in the ceramics industry.

How is Ultracera® impacted by the anti-dumping measures against certain quartz products from PRC?

  • Ultracera® is not a quartz product and is not under anti-dumping regulations.

Is this agglomerated quartz glass?

  • No, Ultracera® only contains glass to achieve its decorative appeal. Glass quartz uses glass powder as the base material while Ultracera® uses synthetic ceramic powders as the base. 

Can Ultracera® be installed with similar procedures as todays typical hospitality products?

  • Yes, there is very little difference in the process used to install Ultracera®. A skilled installer should be able to make the transition to Ultracera® with no additional tools or skills.

What is “intelligence installation”?

  • Each Ultracera® surface has its own identifying product code with color, production date, and a link to the shop drawing that accurately shows which piece is installed in each room. This reduces confusion and delay on the job site. 

What benefit do I get from Ultracera surfaces treated with the antimicrobial treatment?

  • Ultracera® surfaces treated with the antimicrobial agent continuously provide protection against the growth of bacteria including mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration. The antimicrobial agent provides an added safeguard to your normal cleaning routine by providing continuous protection that is built-in to our surfaces.

How does the antimicrobial agent technology work?

  • The antimicrobial agent works at the microscopic level by inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Microorganisms can live on your untreated surfaces and contaminate them, but surfaces treated with the antimicrobial agent are protected with technology that breaks down the composition of a microbe, thus killing it before it can ever reproduce.

Will the antimicrobial treatment wear off over time?

  • No, your surfaces are protected for the lifetime of the product.

Is it safe?

  • Yes, consumer safety is very important to us so Ultracera® surfaces have earned NSF-51 Certification from the National Health and Safety Foundation which ensures we meet strict standards on public health and safety.

Do I still need to clean my Ultracera® surfaces?

  • Yes, normal care and maintenance is recommended.

Do I need to use a special cleaner?

  • No, Ultracera® surfaces can withstand the effects of harsh cleaning chemicals, though your traditional cleaning products are all that’s necessary.

Will it protect my indoor environment from bacteria?

  • Yes, Ultracera® surfaces are certified by UL Greenguard Gold which ensures our products pass the most rigorous chemical emissions standards and thus, provide healthier indoor environments and higher air quality.

What part of the surface contains the antimicrobial agent?

  • The transparent wear layer on top of the surface is where the protection is.

How can I buy Ultracera® surfaces?

Is Ultracera® made up of any dangerous raw materials?

  • No, Ultracera® surfaces are free of cobalt and quartz aggregates which are environmentally-damaging and can be harmful upon exposure.