As the world is adjusting to a “new normal” during the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality promise now must include not only a comfortable and affordable space but a commitment to a clean and safe environment.  Disinfecting procedures between guest stays have drastically expanded, and the hospitality industry is taking steps to ensure its customers a sanitized environment.  Occupancy is now moving back in a positive direction and with that increase in occupancy comes an increased demand for high levels of countertops that are relatively impermeable, certified in health safety, and will withstand the effects of harsh cleaning chemicals. Ultracera® surfaces are the solution to all of your guestroom, bathroom, and public area needs.

Ultracera® is a patented surface product sold by MGroup™. This countertop material is created using a unique blend of ceramic and decorative aggregates that provide a high-performance surface while maintaining the look and feel of materials well-known in the countertop market. Ultracera® is as heavy, durable, and aesthetically pleasing as existing solid surface products without relying on quartz aggregates, which naturally vary in characteristics and are environmentally damaging to produce. Ultracera® has a water absorption rate of 0.03%, which is nearly impermeable and prevents liquids and pathogens from penetrating the surface. This provides an extremely sanitary surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

In comparison to other products, Ultracera® outperforms and exceeds the competition. It is more impermeable than granite, natural, and “glass” stone. Ultracera® is also as impermeable or more impermeable than quartz but comes without the additional tariffs mandated by the government making Ultracera® the right product at a competitive cost.

Ultracera® is also certified by the National Health and Safety Foundation (NSF). An NSF-51 certification ensures the products we provide meet strict standards for public health protection imposed by the NSF. Ultracera® is thoroughly evaluated with extensive product testing and material analysis before it can earn the NSF certification.

Ultracera® tops are routinely tested to ensure they withstand the effects of harsh cleaning chemicals per ASTM C650 using accredited laboratories. All Ultracera® surfaces show no affects after repeated exposure to chemicals such as bleach, Lysol® , and even acids and harsh hydroxides.

As an added precaution, all Ultracera® tops are treated with an anti-microbial agent throughout the body of the material. While this treatment is not a substitute for routine cleaning, it may provide additional protection to keep surfaces safe for all users.

Ultracera® is also certified to be free of any Cobalt, which is frequently used by low-price countertop slab producers to expedite the curing of the material during production. This dangerous practice puts fabricators, installers, and possibly end-users at risk of exposure to harmful Cobalt chemicals. Ultracera® production does NOT rely on these dangerous and irresponsible shortcuts in production.

With public health safety on the rise, Ultracera® tops exceed the competition. Your guests can rest assured they are in the most sanitary environment possible. For more information on Ultracera®, please reach out to your local sales representative or call us at 706-350-4300.